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We sell in Venice various kind of Wedding Albums, with traditional or modern aesthetics, hand-crafted by expert hands, with various types of materials, from leather to silk.

We can also create a new type of Wedding Photo Album in Venice (the album where the photos are the pages of the album), thanks to an exclusive partnership with a group of handicraft businesses, unique in their field, with a level of quality and innovation much higher than what normally circulates in Veneto.

The layout and the graphic design of the Photo Album for Wedding is made directly by us.

The paper used is only the high-quality photo paper worked with chemical process.

You can see at a glance the brilliance of the images, the quality of the Wedding Album as a whole as well as the particularities of the project.

This also includes the famous smaller "parent album".

The binding and finishings are of high quality and very durable.

Foto e fotografo a Venezia- Wedding Photographer in Venice

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