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Emotionally closer to the Spouses.

We like to be "close" to the spouses and to what happens in that particular family event in order to enter into communication with what we want to communicate with the photography. So we live the wedding as guests but with discretion.

Gianfranco Segantin

Gianfranco Segantin

He is a TAU VISUAL and ANFM professional photographer for weddings, born on 12/19/1959 in Lido di Venezia. He began his photographic experience thanks to his family's cameras. In the following years he took numerous courses, studies, workshops and updates, in Italy and abroad, to refine his photography in general and then to specilize in Marriage and portrait. He is a lover of family, music, animals and nature.

Sara Zambon

Sara Zambon,

TAU VISUAL professional photographer for Wedding, born on 05/13/1967 in Milan. After art school she began working in the field of photography with Gianfranco, so in 1984 borns the company Segantin and Zambon. Sara performs photographic studies and workshops in Italy and abroad, she follows also some updates about Wedding photography. She keeps improving her skills in: advanced applications of Photoshop, portraiture, painting. She loves children and nature, continues to cultivate a passion for graphic art and photographic art addressed to the social, portraits of children, but especially for marriage. Gianfranco and Sara were married in 1987 and are the parents of four magic children: Claudia, Fabio, Elisabetta, Erica.

What excitement to take pictures!

The photographer will be hardly able to communicate something if he is not transported within the reality he wants to portray. If I want to portray well a child, I have to be a child and think like a child, I have to make me like him. If I want to portray a philosopher I will try to live his deep inner work. For this reason we get involved emotionally from the photos we do because, otherwise, they would be images without a soul. It is not uncommon for us then, during the various stages of a service, to be moved.

To make himself alike to see

Plotinus: "To any vision must be brought an eye adapted to what is to be seen, and having some likeness to it. Never did eye see the sun unless it had first become sunlike, and never can the soul have vision of the First Beauty unless itself be beautiful. "Enneadi- 250d.c.

See with the eyes?

Sometimes we can think that our eyes are enough to see, without noticing our own littleness. "If a man lives based only on what he physically sees, he falls into a deep blindness. Then he limits his horizon to the point that he can't catch the essential. "J.R.

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